Rent a car in Reunion

Rent a car in Reunion

Renting a car from ITC Tropicar is quick and easy!

Renowned as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Reunion is one of the most famous islands in France. In order to be able to move on the roads of the intense island, rent a car in Reunion. It is one of the best ways to avoid public transport.


ITC Tropicar puts at your service 4 agencies to rent a car in Reunion, enough to offer you a wide choice of vehicles. Indeed, ITC Tropicar offers the possibility of renting a wide range of vehicles according to your needs and your desires. From city ​​cars to SUVs , you'll be spoiled for choice. The fleet is complete and includes vehicles from major brands . For your business trips, our utility rental pageand online booking is the most recommended. As a general rule, traveling by car is the easiest and safest alternative for individuals wishing to visit the island or simply to travel anywhere in Reunion. However, choosing the right type of vehicle to rent is of utmost importance. For example, for your family trips, we recommend a minivan car , where your children will be able to travel comfortably. For successful discovery days, renting a car is the best way to optimize your stay.

At ITC Tropicar, renting a car is easy thanks to the Internet.

You can order the type of vehicle you wish to rent and dispose of it directly at Roland Garros airport.The choice of vehicles for rent that ITC Tropicar offers is wide, you will undoubtedly find the vehicle suitable for your trips in the area. 'Isle. In addition, our advisers will be able to guide you on the conditions, but also on the type of vehicle according to your wishes. Day and night, our services and vehicles will be available. Take advantage of promotional rates for holidays, available in our promotions section .

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