Long term car rental

Long-term car rental for individuals

The car rentalfor a long period is aimed mainly at individuals. Indeed it is one of the possible options if you do not want to buy a car either. As for example in the case where we will use this option as a replacement for a company vehicle. Also many services are offered in this type of rental: -Firstly the support of vehicle maintenance. -Secondly, insurance coverage. -Also the possibility of finding a vehicle quickly in the event of theft for example -You will no longer have to worry about the cost of using the car, generally what you will be offered is a monthly bill. You will no longer need opt for an exorbitant credit to drive a new car or even have to use your big savings for that. Also if you like to change vehicles regularly this is the ideal solution for you.

Long-term car rental for companies

Long-term car rental is also an option frequently used by businesses. This whatever their magnitude; Indeed this possibility allows them to regularly change the model of company car even if it is a utility; These companies can opt for interesting proposals thanks to this mode of rental, such as the support and maintenance of the vehicle. Moreover, what is generally offered to companies is an annual rental. Finally, we will say that long-term rental differs from 'leasing' also known as rental with the possibility of final purchase; and which has several similarities with a financial lease. The 'leasing' or the rental with a promise to sell is another alternative to the acquisition of a vehicle but still differs from a classic car loan. In this case any designated financial body buys the car; and offers to rent it under certain conditions. At the end of this type of contract, you will only need to buy back the vehicle at the amount of the surrender value established at the start of the contract.