Car rental Reunion Island

Do you need to rent a car for your stay on Reunion Island?

ITC Tropicar obviously encourages you to rent a car to travel around the island. Indeed, nothing better than going to see the most beautiful natural sites of the island such as the Volcano , the Cirques , Les Hauts , Les Cascades , ... The rental car tour of Reunion Island requires a small budget for many trips in order to make the most of the cultural and geographic diversity of the island. The car is the ideal way to explore the sites, which are often accessible by the secondary road network.

For your stay on Reunion Island rent a car


The best price for your car rental in Reunion Island

In principle, the rates are significantly lower than those for car rental in mainland France (the VAT rate being lower). This rule is not always verified, especially with the "big" rental companies. The Itc tropicar agency offers a minimum cost of 32 euros / days. You will be able to pay a deposit to confirm the reservation of your vehicle. The deposit will be considered as a lump sum cancellation indemnity.


Cheap Reunion Car Rentals


Rental conditions

To rent a car in Reunion Island, you will need at ITC Tropicar to hold a driving license issued by a member state of Europe and dating back more than 2 years. For young people allowed, you must be at least 23 years old.

Best car rental conditions in Reunion Island

Before committing to a car rental

Check the car rental contract and especially the theft clauses. Also check the car and its equipment (spare wheel, air conditioning or functional ventilation, etc.)

Book in advance before your arrival on the island

It is prudent to reserve your Reunion car rental in advance. In the middle of the tourist season (November-December-January in particular), it is difficult to find a car of your free choice. Find out more about car rental at Reunion Airport


your car rental in all serenity

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Which car for this summer?

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