3 reasons to rent an ITC Tropicar car

It is difficult to choose your car rental company during a trip to Reunion. Major rental brands are present on the island. They thus automatically have the confidence of travelers. And yet if you come to Reunion, it is good for its landscapes, its authenticity… and why not push authenticity to the limit by renting with a local car rental company? We have listed 3 great reasons to hire a car with us, ITC Tropicar.

Reason 1: Rent at the best price

ITC Tropicar is 4 rental agencies on Reunion Island. So no matter where you are on the island, there is certainly an agency close to you. Agency that is ready to welcome you with its best car rental rates. If you cannot get around, you can rent a car online from home on our site. Indeed, our site is a real online comparator. It allows you to compare prices and have access to our availability in real time. A wide choice of car rental is available there. Tourism or utility , our vehicles are adapted to every moment of your life: for your holidays, to get to work or for your move.

Reason 2: Quality service

It is a priority for us to satisfy our customers. This is what drives our team. From the counter agent to the mechanic, they are on hand to answer your questions, advise you on what to see or do in Reunion Island. Thus our customers are supported from their reservation until the return of their rental car. Expert in the field of vehicle rental in Reunion, our customer service is improving with the sole aim of satisfying you. Our staff is competent but also local. Your immersion in Reunion begins with your car rental. Indeed, when you arrive, discover what the Reunionese welcome is. A real way of thinking that runs through everyone's veins.

Reason 3: Rent a car in our agency at the airport

Our agency at the airport is a huge asset for vacationers. After hours of flying, nothing better than to drive and take your vacation in hand. As soon as you get off the plane, after having collected your luggage, install them in your rental car. You will feel like you are at home with this simple gesture. Be free to enjoy Reunion as you see fit. This reason is a benefit that few car rental companies offer their customers. Because at ITC Tropicar, we take into account your comfort and your desire to travel the island from your first moments. You have been saving for many months to come to Reunion. It is therefore impossible for us to make you wait one more minute. Reunion deserves to be visited in all weathers!