The rental car: the best way to visit the island!

Renowned as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Reunion is fascinating with its diverse nature. Renting a car in Reunion is highly recommended to explore the island in complete freedom.

Transport in Reunion

Renowned as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Reunion fascinates with its diverse nature, with its environment that is both lush and arid.
With an area of ​​2,512 km2, Reunion cannot be fully explored on foot. Thus, you have the possibility of traveling by coach or rental car.

Getting around the island nevertheless requires a means of transport adapted to the frequent trips to be made to explore the different corners of the island, and access the various activities on offer.
Bus networks are a real asset here for Reunion residents. However, they can represent a barrier for visitors who wish to discover the island. The very precise locations and the time allotted during the visits are binding elements in public transport.

To make the most of your stay and travel more independently, do not hesitate to ask the car rental agencies. Also remember to anticipate your reservation.
With ITC Tropicar has been the car rental specialist in Reunion Island since 1984. Book the car you like online and at low prices to enjoy your vacation on the island!

Why choose the rental car to visit the island?


Renting a car in Reunion is highly recommended to explore the island in complete freedom. It allows you to move around as you wish, from the western beaches to the Piton de la Fournaise, passing through the heart of the mountains.
You should know that Reunion has many steep roads and winding bends. Certain accesses from the “Low” to the “High” or even from the North to the South, are therefore not all practicable or even accessible by buses.

In addition, be careful to check the passage times, which vary according to the desired stop.
Indeed, in order to be able to move more easily on the roads, renting a car in Reunion Island remains the best solution. This will allow you to avoid public transport and make the most of the landscapes that the island has to offer.

Do not hesitate !

Thanks to the ITC Tropicar agency, one of the local rental leaders, benefit from quality service. Our agents welcome you as soon as you arrive at Rolland Garros airport , to facilitate the transfer to your accommodation.

With or without luggage, glasses on your nose, don't worry about the time passing or the passengers by your side. Reserve a rental car in Reunion from a wide choice of vehicles to rent! You will not be disappointed !


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