Faq: car rental in Réunion

Car rental is an essential step in Réunion for many vacationers. Before taking the plunge, many customers are wondering about Reunion car rental . To guide you, we have grouped together frequently asked questions to ITC Tropicar counter agents.  

What do I need to collect my rental car in Reunion Island?

You just need your payment card and your driver's license. The payment card must be in your name if you are the primary driver. The funds on your card must be available. In fact, you need the necessary funds to cover the rental franchise, the guarantee and local costs such as the airport tax for a rental from the airport . It will also be necessary to provide the driving license of the main driver and any additional drivers indicated on the rental agreement. Names must be complete on driver's licenses.  

Is it possible to rent a car in Reunion without a payment card?

Pay for a car rental without a credit card?It is quite possible to rent a car in Reunion without a credit card. Just leave a guarantee when you collect your rental car. Do not hesitate to refer to article 5 of our conditions of sale for more information. This guarantee allows you to cover damages if necessary.  

Can I pay for my car rental by holiday check?

You can pay by credit card, cash, checks and of course holiday vouchers. Particularly when collecting the rental car, the driver must have a valid credit card in his name.  

My rental car has just been stolen. What should I do ?

First of all, you have to be responsive. Within 24 hours, you must report the theft to the competent authorities and give your rental company a copy of the report of the complaint, the keys and the rental car papers. If the car has been stolen with the keys or papers, it is imperative to report this when filing a complaint. Indeed, this information must be noted on the report. Do not hesitate to consult article 6 in our conditions of sale.  

I just had an accident with my rental car. What to do ?

This frequent question often nags the minds of customers. In the event of a collision with another car, you will need to complete the amicable report form which is in your rental vehicle. This form must be duly completed and signed by the drivers concerned and at the scene of the accident if possible. Finally, note that the ITC Tropicar breakdown service can be reached on 0692766868 or 0262975210.