6 tips for a successful car rental

There are car rental tips to practice for your rental to be successful. Indeed, car rental has its flood of good practices to apply. Whether for your vacation on the island or for your business trips, it is useful to rent a rental car. Many tips exist to avoid unpleasant surprises with a rental vehicle. Our experts have looked into the subject and give you car rental tips to guide you.  

Car rental tip n ° 1: Determine your needs

What type of vehicle do you need and for how many people? How long will you need the rental car for? And the GPS option, is it really necessary? It is clear that if you know your needs, it will be easier for you to position yourself on the appropriate vehicle category.  

Car rental tip n ° 2: Choose a professional

Nowadays, it is possible to rent a private car. But be aware that in all cases, it is recommended that you hire a car with a company recognized in this sector. Indeed, the lessor can offer you services, options and prices in complete transparency. This is not the case for rental with an individual.  

Car rental tip n ° 3: Book quickly

It is no longer a secret. Like hotel rooms, it is better to book your rental car in advance. And this for three reasons. First of all, you will benefit from a low rate. Then you will have more choices regarding the availability of cars. Finally, you can plan your stay on site in peace.  

Car rental tip 4: Compare the rates

A crucial step when renting a car, especially to save money. ITC Tropicar offers an online car comparator on its site . You can access vehicle availability in real time and compare rental prices.  

Car rental tip n ° 5: Find out about the different guarantees

Unlike insurance, warranties which are options can be added to your car rental. The franchise buyback for example can be added by the customer. It will thus be covered against mishaps such as accidents or theft. You can also carefully check whether the essential guarantees are well and truly present in your rental contract. This will prevent you from overpaying the rental car.Car rental tip to remember: Check the rental car!

Car rental tip 6: Check the vehicle

Before strolling on the roads of the island, it is imperative to inspect your rental car. Everything must be combed through, the exterior and interior of the rental vehicle. Whether you are renting a passenger car or a utility vehicle, remember to report any defects you have seen to the rental company. This action makes it possible to considerably avoid disputes when you drop off the vehicle at the end of your car rental.



Important points to know before hiring a car in Reunion Island


For your vacation on the island, a weekend or during a business trip to Reunion Island, ITC Tropicar, car rental specialist, provides you with information on what you need to know before renting a car.


Better rent in Reunion

Before hiring a car in Reunion : Before you start, we offer you some very useful tips to know before renting a car in Reunion .
Find four good tips for renting a car . Indeed, if car rental is particularly useful when going on a trip to Reunion, it is better to inquire beforehand.



You are liable to us when the rented vehicle is lost or damaged, as well as for any fines or other charges that may apply during the term of your rental.
By renting a car with the services of ITC Tropicar , you are covered by liability insurance. However, this compulsory insurance which allows you to drive a rented vehicle does not cover all the material or bodily damage that you may cause.
So, before renting your car, it is essential to know the guarantees you already have and in particular, with your payment card.
Thus, if you pay for your vehicle rental with your payment card, you will be able to benefit, depending on the case, from certain guarantees: franchise buy-back insurance, franchise cancellation insurance, driver's insurance, etc. So find out about the insurance conditions of your payment card .



Before hitting the road behind the wheel of your rental vehicle, you should check its general condition. Indeed, you must check the vehicle to make sure that it is free from any damage before setting off.
In Reunion Island, you will drive many kilometers with your rental car which must be returned in the same condition as the one at the start. For this reason, but also to free yourself from any risk at the time of return, take the time to check the condition of your car before leaving.

Your ITC Tropicar Agent will help you during this crucial step in the smooth running of your car rental. Thus, the professional inventory of ITC Tropicar agencies is a guarantee against the risks to which any tenant is exposed during his rental.
Take pictures during your departure inventory to protect yourself from any possible dispute.



Before taking your rental car, you should know that each rental agency takes out basic insurance, however, keep in mind that insurance and guarantees are optional. The ITC Tropicar team therefore suggests that you read your Rental Agreement carefully in order to fully understand what your obligations are in the context of your use of the vehicle.

  • The insurance that you will find at ITC Tropicar:
  • Glass breakage and puncture insurance (5 euros per day)
  • Cancellation insurance (25 euros)
  • Young driver insurance (21 years old, 1 year minimum driving license for 5 euros per day).



Additional costs will be charged if you return the vehicle with a fuel level that is not identical to that of delivery, or if the vehicle is in an advanced state of dirt (sand, animal hair, etc.) or if 'it requires more than standard cleaning / bad odors. You incur additional costs if you smoke in the vehicle. ITC Tropicar delivers the vehicle to you clean and wishes to find it in the same condition, so make sure that the vehicle is clean inside and out. Our ITC agent will do the inventory with you and verify that you are returning the keys and documents to the car. In addition, being on time will avoid any penalties. If you have an unforeseen event, do not hesitate to contact the agency to keep them informed.

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