ITC Tropicar: The best car rental price on the island!

Booking a cheap car in Reunion for a trip or a stay can quickly become a headache. Having little knowledge of the island's roads, travelers sometimes pay a high price for their rental car on the island. What are the tips and advice for renting a cheap car?


Compare the prices


It's no secret that you need to compare the rates applied during your rental period. This increases your chances of renting a cheap car in Reunion. ITC Tropicar, rental specialist in Reunion, a price comparator is installed directly on its booking site. You just need to enter your rental dates, the pick-up and drop-off location in advance in order to have access to our online price comparison. This system allows you to consult the available cars to add options but also to reserve the car that you like. The site is completely secure and our agents are available if you wish to interact with them.


Book your rental car early


Just like plane tickets or hotel rooms, car rental is no exception to the rule. That is to say book early in order to benefit from the best rates. Indeed, it is the best way to rent a cheap car in Reunion Island and thus save money. Another point not to be overlooked is availability. By booking early, you will not only have a low price, but also more choice in the cars available. In high tourist season in Reunion, the island's car rental companies are taken by storm. It is rare to find a rental car during this time.


To rent a cheap car in Reunion, choose your options carefully

Do you want to rent a cheap car in Reunion?  Watch out for unnecessary options!


Adding various options can quickly increase the price of your car rental. This is why it is important to choose the options that seem relevant to you. Do not hesitate to learn about the characteristics of each option. To not be tempted, establish in advance the services and options you will really need for your stay. For example, if you are traveling with children, you have the option of requesting child car seats when making your reservation. GPS can be useful. But if you have a smartphone, applications such as Googles Maps or Waze are sufficient to find your way around and get around Reunion easily.