Guarding of your vehicle at the Airport

Do you need a quick and easy solution to keep your car safe and secure when you go on holiday?

For motorists, flying can sometimes become puzzling . What to do with your car while you are away? Look no further, ITC Tropicar offers a secure and inexpensive car storage service to make parking your vehicle easier. Leave in complete peace of mind and without constraints! Our holiday car park looks after your car.

Need a quick and easy solution for security at Roland Garros airport on Reunion Island

Secure long-term parking at Saint-Denis airport

Thanks to the local car rental agency ITC Tropicar, there is no need to find a solution to get to the airport. Indeed, we all know that public transport in Reunion Island is not yet sufficiently optimised. This is why choosing the Car Jaune or the Z'éclair bus, even with a small amount of luggage, could quickly become an obstacle course. Indeed  the complicated timetable connections and the risk of delaysare not encouraging. That’s why it is better to opt for safety and trust ITC Tropicar.

the solution to keep you car safe at the airport while you are on holiday, ITC secure long-term parking

ITC Tropicar is a local specialist in car rental in Reunion Island and is fully aware of the problems faced by travellers in both directions. That's why we don't just offer vehicles to rent. In addition to the advice and support that our agents offer our customers, we also offer a secure parking for your car.

Our solution is quick and easy, just drop your car off at the ITC Tropicar car park at Roland Garros Airport and hand over your keys.

On your return, your vehicle will be waiting for you in the same place, in a covered car park with 24/7 surveillance.

ITC Tropicar makes it easy for you to get around the island in a comfortable rental car, but also to keep your car secure, at a rate of €15 per day!

This practical service is available in our 3 agencies, at Gillot Airport, Sainte Marie La Mare and Saint-Gilles-les-Bains.


ITC Tropicar, much more than a car rental agency!

Our missions are multiple and the cheap car rental agency Reunion from Gillot Airport is only one facet.

We are committed to maintaining a real relationship of trust with our customers. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you can count on our professionalism to take care of the smallest details. This goes from the recording of the state of the car on departure to the guarding of your car and advice for the road-trip of your dreams on the roads of Reunion Island.

Our online services save a lot of time and in case of doubt, our agents can be reached by email or by phone in each of our three agencies.

So, if you're going on holiday and don't want to pay for a transfer or rely on public transport to get to the airport, opt for our simple and cost-effective car storage solution. Although friends and family may be happy to drive you to the airport, being self-sufficient and not depending on anyone else is really nice.

Whether you are going to or coming from the airport, ITC Tropicar gives you the possibility to stay free and serene thanks to its long-term parking.

ITC Tropicar offers a secure parking at Saint-Denis airport for your car while you go on holiday

Like many travellers in Reunion, drive to the airport and reserve a parking space in the ITC Tropicar car park!

This parking solution combines comfort and economy. It is ideal before leaving on a trip. Indeed, it allows you to park your car in a cheap and secure car park, right next to the entrance of the terminal. Our site, subject to availability, allows you to reserve a parking space from 15€/day.


ITC Tropicar - car rental Reunion, always doing more for YOU!

Indeed, from only 10 €, secure parking included, benefit from the additional services which are offered to you such as:

● Exterior washing

● Interior washing

Benefit from the best price for your security with car rental Saint Airport Denis Reunion.

Do not hesitate any longer, and book your parking place by phone on 0262 24 01 01 or email.