Discover the Wild south of Reunion Island

This south-eastern region of Reunion Island extends from Petite-Île to Saint-Philippe, passing through Saint-Joseph. It owes its name to its still very natural side, protected from excessive urbanization. You won't find big shopping malls or fast-food restaurants on every corner.

If you are looking for authenticity, this is really the place to discover first.

What to visit in the wild south ?

It is a real summary of all the beauties of the island. You will be able to appreciate the waterfalls, the beaches, the ponds, the tropical forests, but also the lava flows and obviously the Creole culture!

The beaches of the south of Reunion Island

Much less crowded than the western beaches, you will appreciate the quietness and serenity of these beautiful natural areas. Due to the absence of coral reefs, it is not possible to swim anywhere, especially because of the risk of sharks and dangerous currents. However, you will be able to take advantage of the seawater pools that have been built around several remarkable places such as Manapany or Grande Anse.

grande anse beach is a nice place to rest and share the traditional family picnic

If you continue your way south, towards Saint-Philippe, the change of scenery is noticeable. Indeed, the different lava flows which crossed the road and thus also enlarged the surface of the island have created unique and beautiful landscapes. Keep in mind that you are here in the heart of the National Park. The beach of Tremblet was created in 2007, following the huge eruption of the Piton de la Fournaise, which sank to the sea. This black sand beach is a place to see absolutely.

The waterfalls of the Wild South

A must for all nature lovers and natural pools. The south-east region of the island is full of beautiful waterfalls.

Langevin is a district of Saint-Joseph known for its ponds and waterfalls. It is also a very popular place for the traditional Sunday picnic.

The Langevin Valley offers endless possibilities for leisure and relaxation. Whether it's fishing, hiking, canyoning or just relaxing in the shade by the river, there is something for everyone!

Langevin waterfall is a fabulous place to see and admire, easy access with your ITC rental car

The Langevin waterfall is precisely in Grand Galet, just after Saint-Joseph. The access is very easy by car or by foot for the most courageous. A small winding road will also allow you to appreciate the tropical vegetation of Reunion Island. You will then find a small parking lot on your right to park your ITC Tropicar rental car and go and admire this beauty of nature.

The show is simply sumptuous. It is indeed not a coincidence if you find the waterfall of Grand Galet on all postcards. Composed of multiple waterfalls, the waterfall flows permanently along a large vegetal wall.

For thrill seekers, you can also enjoy canyoning and abseiling. 

Anse des Cascades

A must for family picnics, Anse des Cascades offers a timeless place. Wild, calm, authentic and natural, it is one of the most famous places of the Sud Sauvage. 

Located after Saint-Philippe and after the lava flows, you really have something to spend a very pleasant moment, between its waterfalls, its pebble beach and its hundreds of palm trees and vacoas.

After a good picnic or a tasting of local flavors at the restaurant L'Anse des Cascades, you can also take a walk along a small path that runs along the coast and leads you directly to the Church of Notre Dame des Laves.

Trou noir waterfall

A treasure much appreciated during the hot summer days, this pool offers a turquoise water and beautiful waterfalls. It is truly a heavenly place to come and refresh yourself.

This waterfall is located just before the waterfall of Grand Galet, on the road along the Langevin River, at the end of the hamlet of Grand Défriché. ITC Tropicar advises you to park just before the Bailay bridge, then cross the river and take the small path that runs along the right bank. After about 300m, you will find a pleasant and wild landscape in a green setting. This pool allows swimming without any danger.

Waterfall Jacqueline

This time, you will have the right to a water a little bit warmer than the higher basins. Indeed, the Jacqueline waterfall is closer to the sea. You can get there after parking your ICT Tropicar at the Marine Langevin. A short and very nice hike will allow you to appreciate the wild coast but also the surroundings of the Langevin river, the Jacqueline waterfall of course and also the Embouchure basin.

The trail is very pleasantly shaded by filaos. When you reach the junction with another trail, after one kilometer, follow it to the Jacqueline waterfall. The basin is fed by the magnificent waterfall that falls in two stages. It is a very pleasant walk to do with the family.