Visit Reunion: The City of Cilaos

What to do in Cilaos with your ITC Tropicar rental car?

Church on Reunion Island city of Cilaos

After picking up your ITC Tropicar rental car, head for Cilaos and its 420 bends… Get ready for a thrilling ride with breathtaking landscapes. On your arrival, put down your suitcases and leave with your car, go to the places where you can land with your rental car .


Thermal baths:

The thermal baths at Cilaos Reunion Island

What would Cilaos be without its famous thermal baths… Park your ITC Tropicar car and devote yourself a few hours to relaxation. Be sure to have a good time with all the services on offer: massages, baths, treatments ... Rejuvenate yourself in this small and peaceful spa resort in the upper part of the island ... All you have to do is enjoy the calm and the freshness of this majestic circus


Rush Pond:

Cilaos rush pond

Cilaos has its own pond, a stone's throw from the city center: the Mare à Joncs. You can go around it on foot, at sunset or sunrise for example. Not this pond you will find some restaurants at your disposal. A pedal boat and boat rental is also possible, for a leisurely stroll gliding on the water!


Cilaosa Adventure Park:

Cilaosa Adventure Park

You have no idea how to fill your day ... Embark with family or friends in your car to Cilaosa Parc Aventure. It is located at the exit of the village, on the road to Bras Sec. Different courses exist according to your age and your aptitudes. Have a good time discovering the forest and the vegetation of the circus while having fun with friends or family!


Downtown :

Cilaos is above all a lively, pleasant little village. In the main street you will find shops, typical boutiques, small restaurants, terraces, bars, cafes ... On Sunday morning, get up early enough not to miss the city's fairground market. In the evening, do not hesitate to take a little time to stroll and stroll quietly in the main lane.

Change of scenery guaranteed!

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