Rougail sausage from Reunion

A stay in Reunion is a true gastronomic epic not to be missed. Because just like its population, Reunionese cuisine is also a crossbreeding of several countries of the world. Based on this fact, Reunion Island offers you a gastronomic world tour. Large restaurant or snack bar near the roads, a festival of flavors from all over the world awaits you.

The most famous meal in Reunion

A real emblematic dish of Reunion, rougail sausage is a staple of traditional cuisine that makes many people salivate. Essentially composed of sausage (with pork or chicken), tomato, onion, rougail sausage is a hearty dish that is worth the detour. In conclusion, do not miss this dish. In addition, this is the opportunity for you to discover the island while pleasing your taste buds. Aboard your ITC Tropicar rental car and finally go in search of the best rougail sausage in Réunion.

Where to eat a good rougail sausage?

Overall, the dish has its place on all restaurant menus and daily menus for snack bars. There is no shortage of good places to eat a good rougail sausage in Reunion. However, here are our tips for eating well during your stay. As for the restaurants listed below, don't forget to reserve your table.


If you are in the north of the island, this is a good stopover for a cultural day. The State Garden and the Natural History Museum are must-sees in the city of Saint-Denis . Nothing better to save time than to visit these two sites. Indeed, the Museum is located inside the building in the State Garden.

Once your visit is over, drive to Le Gadiamb restaurant which is also located in Saint-Denis. The Gadiamb is a typical Reunionese restaurant that offers all the essentials including the famous rougail sausage. Located in a quiet area, the terrace allows you to fully enjoy your meal.

One of the sites not to be missed in Reunion

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In the West of the island, the Maïdo is the site not to be missed. This incredible point of view allows to admire the circus of Mafate accessible only on foot. After you have tended your mind by meditating in front of this breathtaking view, it is time to nurture your body. And above all to enchant your taste buds.

Located in the cool of the Maïdo, "Chez Doudou" a restaurant filled with authenticity patiently awaits its guests. In a chalet with local decoration, this restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat formula with surprising flavors (cranium brulee with geranium, for example). Apart from the weather, which is generally gray, the team is warm and always smiling.


If it's the wild side of the island that appeals to you, Grande Anse beach is a good compromise. This beach has been developed while keeping its natural character. Swimming is not authorized except in the natural basin delimited by the rocks. You can swim with fish, sunbathe or relax on this postcard-perfect beach.

For lunch, the good plan is a few bends higher, it is the restaurant l'Oiseau Blanc. Besides its warm welcome and delicious cuisine, the view from the restaurant leaves no one indifferent. Grande-Anse, tail straws and even whales are visible from the restaurant terrace. Enough to give your rougail sausage a royal air.


Eruption or not, the volcano is Reunion's flagship attraction. It is a natural site to discover or rediscover. The lava route is quite simply a very beautiful curiosity of nature. Indeed, this road is surrounded by ancient lava flows dating from different years. On these, the vegetation takes over these rights, which makes the spectacle so unique.

The restaurant not to be missed in this sector is La Case Volcan. The concept of the restaurant is quite original. Indeed, customers before ordering their meal, have the opportunity to taste all the dishes and fresh fruit juices on the menu. Which does not make the task easier because everything is delicious. The owner, who is very educational, does not hesitate to show his customers the ingredients of this recipe. To the delight of curious children.