Car rental in Saint-Paul

Your car rental in Saint-Paul on Reunion Island

Among our 4 ITC Tropicar agencies , there is a car rental agency located in the town of Saint-Paul at your disposal . ITC Tropicar, specialist in car rental in Saint Paul and in 3 other large cities of the island, offers a wide choice of vehicles and utilities.
Indeed, our ITC Tropicar agents are available and happy to accompany you during your vehicle rental in Saint-Gilles Les Bains .
We also suggest that you orient yourself on what you can do with your rental on the intense island and save you time ... There is so much to see in Reunion, that it is easy to find 'lose ...


Where to drive your rental car in Saint-Paul?

The city of Saint-Paul is the second largest city in Reunion , after Saint-Denis. Saint-Paul, located on the west coast of the island, is today a large town of about 104,000 inhabitants. It is also one of the hottest cities in Reunion . It stretches over several kilometers and there are many places to visit and especially not to miss ... Suffice to say that many kilometers are waiting to be covered by your rental car .



Explore downtown Saint Paul with your rental car

In Saint Paul , the city center will be the most important for you. It is made up of several small alleys where many shops are located. You can of course access it with your ITC Tropicar rental car . You will not be disappointed, this district is quite alive and rather authentic.



Park your vehicle and discover the peaceful Waterfront

The recently refurbished Saint Paul seafront is very peaceful and pleasant to walk around. You will not find white sand, but a volcanic sand beach where swimming is unfortunately prohibited ... You can however secure your vehicle by parking it and enjoy a little sweet treat while admiring the beauty of the horizon. Must do: Take your rental car and take a stroll around the sunset. You will observe the sky and its shades of orange and pink.



Saint Paul fairground, the largest in Reunion Island

Along with that of Saint Pierre , it is one of the largest and most beautiful on the island. It takes place on the seafront on Friday and Saturday mornings, so try to focus on these days to visit Saint Paul. Even if it will surely be difficult to park with your rental vehicle , the smells of spices, the diversity and the colors of the fairground market are not to be missed under any circumstances.



Visit the legendary Reunion Island Marine Cemetery

On leaving the town of Saint-Paul , in the direction of Saint Gilles, drive until you discover the marine cemetery - so close to the sea that it will have been the victim of a few cyclones. It is one of the oldest on the island. There is both the burial of wealthy Reunionese families and pirates, mostly anonymous. Among them is the famous La Buse, a dreaded forban whose supposed treasure has not yet been found. Do not hesitate to stop there for a few minutes with your rental vehicle ! It is a peaceful place, steeped in history, not to say mysterious.