A lively town: Saint-Pierre

ITC Tropicar has several car rental agencies including an agency based in the town of Saint-Pierre, in the south of Reunion. Specialized in car rental, ITC Tropicar offers its customers a wide choice of vehicles in these 4 points of sale on the island.

With more than 30 years of experience, ITC Tropicar agents are on hand to meet your needs during your car rental in Saint-Pierre.

Consider asking your rental agent for advice. Indeed, ITC Tropicar agents have a good knowledge of the island and are thus full of good plans not to be missed. They will guide you so that you can fully enjoy the intense island behind the wheel of your rental.

What to do in Saint-Pierre with your car rental?

Nicknamed the “Capital” of the South of Reunion, the city of Saint-Pierre has everything to please and these 84,000 inhabitants will not tell you the opposite. Lively day and night, Saint-Pierre is a city to discover in Reunion. Saint-Pierre offers many places to visit and not to miss. Opting for a rental car is the best solution to explore the Capital of the South at your own pace.

Discover downtown Saint-Pierre with a rental car

The city of Saint-Pierre will charm you with its diversity. Its streets are made up of many traders who will make your shopping experience more pleasant. Another advantage of downtown Saint-Pierre is its proximity to its seafront. Thanks to its beach and its beautiful lagoon, the Saint-Pierre seafront is the ideal place to relax. You can easily prepare for a shopping and beach day behind the wheel of your ITC Tropicar rental car.

At the end of your stay in Saint-Pierre, you will have only one desire: to go back!

Saint-Pierre fairground market, the 3rd most beautiful market in France

In 2018, the Saint-Pierre market took third place on the podium in the competition for the most beautiful market in France. The diversity, the welcome and the beauty make this market a weekly meeting place highly appreciated by the Reunionese. For the curious who wish to go there, it takes place on the seafront every Saturday morning. Plan to get there early enough because it is a victim of its success and it is not easy to park near the market. The sound of the waves, the samosas and the atmosphere that reigns there will quickly make you forget the rest.

See you at the Sakifo festival in Saint-Pierre

In June, the city of Saint-Pierre more precisely La Ravine Blanche, hosts The Sakifo Festival. During this festival, international and local artists take to the stage to the delight of the spectators who came by the tens of thousands. Taking place over 3 days, mingle with the Reunion atmosphere. For this, shuttles are available to spectators, drive your rental car to the meeting point and then enjoy your evening.