The beaches of Saint-Gilles Les Bains: Boucan Canot

Leader in the field of car rental, ITC Tropicar is a recognized rental company in Reunion. Established on the island with 4 agencies, ITC Tropicar is thus closer to customers. The various rental agencies of ITC Tropicar offer a wide choice of cars. In addition, one of the agencies is located in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains . ITC Tropicar thus offers a Boucan Canot car rental solution.

What to do with a Boucan Canot car rental?

Located between Saint-Paul and Saint-Gilles, Boucan Canot is the destination that many holidaymakers dream of in Reunion. ITC Tropicar is a local rental company present throughout Reunion. He also has a car rental agency near Boucan Canot. This location is the perfect opportunity for vacationers. So they can enjoy their first moments of freedom as soon as they arrive.

Boucan Canot beach

The semi-natural swimming pool tries more than one once there.

Famous beach on the Leeward Coast, Boucan Canot beach and its white sand is very popular with young people from Reunion Island, especially during school holidays and weekends. Its idyllic landscape allows everyone to relax or sunbathe quietly. For those cooler moments in the water, it is advisable to look at the flag before taking the plunge, to be sure. Indeed, the beach of Boucan Canot does not have a coral reef and is therefore not protected from currents and the presence of sharks.

In any case, a semi natural swimming pool formed by many volcanic rocks is nearby. This small pool is ideal for family swimming with children when the sea is calm. Indeed, we must be vigilant because waves can pass over the volcanic rocks that separate the basin and the sea.

What to do in Boucan Canot?

There are many diving clubs in Boucan Canot. This is explained by the richness of the maritime fauna. Indeed, this sector is home to many fish of different species and a multitude of corals. A first dive in this blue universe is a magical experience. In the midst of fish of all colors, sea turtles and rays, Boucan Canot beach is also a marvel underwater.