Petit Futé - Travel guide

Le Petit Futé is a travel guide published in France. It gathers everything a traveler needs to know to prepare his holidays. 

A real travel encyclopedia, Le Petit Futé will be your most faithful companion thanks to its digital or paper version.  You will find a multitude of advice concerning both your travel organization beforehand and the must-see places to visit on site. 

With more than one million addresses in France and around the world, nothing is left to chance. Restaurants, good hotels, unusual accommodations, travelers share their experiences. So you can check off this or that place with confidence to fully enjoy your holidays.

In addition, you will find information that can be very useful regarding current events. 

This guide is very well named. Indeed the French word “futé” means smart, clever. So it offers an infinite amount of useful information with its favorite destinations, weekend and vacation ideas. It is indeed never short of ideas to make you discover the most beautiful places according to your desires and interests.

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The Petit Futé website offers many interesting sections. Indeed, depending on the destination chosen, the Petit Futé provides a real travel guide.

It really seems to have the answer to everything! What to see, what to do? When to go? How to travel? Travelers themselves also contribute to the evolution of this guide. Indeed, you have the possibility to suggest a place, an establishment or an event that you particularly liked. A real travel and discovery community, members share their pleasure to travel for the greatest happiness of all.

Let us guide you to the most beautiful destinations without further delay!