General Security Conditions


Thank you for choosing ITC Tropicar. The purpose of this addendum to the general rental conditions is to define the specific conditions governing the service of guarding or warning vehicles.

Article 1:

Any vehicle delivery to ITC Tropicar implies acceptance of the general conditions below.


Article 2: Guarding of the vehicle:

The warning contract takes effect when the vehicle is actually taken over after:

  • - The prior signature, by the customer, of the warning contract
  • - The contradictory inventory of the condition and equipment of the vehicle placed in guard, signed by both parties.

ITC Tropicar reserves the right to refuse guarding if the condition of the vehicle cannot be done correctly (shocks, scratches or damage hidden by dirt). The customer also agrees to leave the vehicle in perfect working and safe condition.

  • - The presentation of the original registration card, the valid insurance certificate and the delivery of the vehicle keys
  • - The guarding of oversized vehicles (wider and / or longer than a 4x4 pick up) is possible, but is subject to prior acceptance by the booking agent. Motorcycles, trailers and camper vans as well as right-hand drive vehicles are not accepted
  • - Vehicles belonging to a company: ITC Tropicar can only accept warning requests after delivery of an official document from the head of the company or any person empowered to hire the company granting the driver security. The latter must present an identity document. The other conditions remain unchanged.
  • - Vehicle belonging to a third party: the owner of the vehicle delegates an agent to drop off and / or collect his vehicle: the agent must provide a power of attorney signed by the owner and identify himself by means of an identity document. If these conditions are not required, ITC Tropicar reserves the right to refuse the warning or the return of the vehicle.

Article 3: Support / transfer / delivery of the vehicle:

  • - Throughout the duration of the contract, ITC Tropicar undertakes to keep the vehicle exclusively in the closed and supervised car park provided for this purpose.
  • - However, the customer authorizes the movement of the vehicle at any time within the confines of the car park depending on operating or safety constraints.
  • - The customer must ensure the deactivation of the vehicle alarm and / or provide the vehicle start code
  • - The warning company undertakes to use the vehicle warned only in the strict necessities of its transfer between the airport and the place of custody or in the event of force majeure requiring its removal from the guard parking lot to security reasons.
  • - The customer undertakes to leave the vehicle in perfect working and safe condition.
  • - In the event of a breakdown of the vehicle in question, the breakdown service is the responsibility of the customer. In case of inability to start the parked vehicle, the customer will be brought back to the security parking lot, and will have the vehicle repaired immediately and at most within 24 hours.

Article 4: Duration of the warning contract:

  • - The warning contract is concluded for the period provided for when the vehicle is handed over and specified in the contract.
  • - In the event of an extension of the contract beyond the date initially scheduled or in the event of early withdrawal of the vehicle, the customer must officially inform ITC Tropicar during opening hours, otherwise they cannot be taken care of at their location. return. The new duration thus fixed is therefore considered to be contractual as of right.
  • - The minimum warning time is 24 hours, the warning time is calculated in 24-hour increments that cannot be divided from the time the vehicle was parked. A franchise of 1 hour is granted, beyond that, an additional day is billed.
  • - In the event of a deposit or return between 9 p.m. and 6.30 a.m., an additional flat rate of 45 € will be charged.

Article 5: Collection of the vehicle:

  • - The vehicle must be collected by the customer on the expiry date specified in the warning contract.
  • - The customer undertakes to communicate all the useful information concerning the date and time of the vehicle's collection.
  • - The vehicle can only be returned to the customer who signed the warning contract or to his duly appointed representative on proof of their identity.
  • - In all cases, the person collecting the vehicle must sign the discharge voucher provided for in the contract, any reservations must be made on the discharge voucher.
  • - When the vehicle is collected, any dispute or complaint concerning the description of the vehicle will only be taken into account if it is made before leaving the rental car park at Roland Garros Airport. This descriptive statement of withdrawal is not done systematically, it is up to the customer to request it.
  • - The withdrawal of the vehicle terminates the warning contract.

Article 6: Insurance and responsibilities:

  • - ITC Tropicar has taken out an insurance policy to cover its liability, in respect of its vehicle guarding activity, for the entire duration of the warning and for the transfer of the vehicle.
  • - ITC Tropicar can in no way be held responsible for deterioration, alteration or degradation of the vehicle warned if they have a cause prior to the taking over of the vehicle or if they result from a case of force majeure, a defect clean of the vehicle or aging.
  • - ITC Tropicar is in no way responsible for damage caused by the sun, water (excluding the contractual option of covered guarding), bad weather or normal or natural wear and tear of materials, it being understood that vehicles are parked outside, damage (mechanical, bodywork, upholstery, equipment and accessories) relating to the general condition of the vehicle or due to its prolonged immobilization, objects of all kinds, personal effects and accessories left inside the vehicle.

    Article 7: Pricing and payment conditions:

      • - The parking fees are payable in advance for the entire duration of the contract according to the pricing in force on the day the vehicle is kept. The minimum billing period is 24 hours.
      • - Payment methods accepted: Credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American express.
      • - Prices and VAT rates are subject to change without notice.

        Article 7bis: Conditions of advance payment or prepayment:

        Article 8: Attribution of jurisdiction:

          • - In case of prepayment of the contract (on the website or at the counter), the following provisions apply: For a cancellation made at least seven days before the scheduled start date of the contract, the customer is fully refunded.
            For a cancellation made less than 7 days before the scheduled date of deposit of the vehicle for guarding, a maximum of 20 euros including tax of fixed costs will be invoiced.
          • - In the event of a dispute relating to the said general conditions and to the contract forming the subject, the courts of the head office of ITC Tropicar will have sole jurisdiction.